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FairPensions’ campaigns on a wide range of environmental, social and governanc issues


Campaigning is a key part of FairPensions’ drive towards improving corporate behaviour through Responsible Investment. We aim to mobilise the financial power of  pension investments to create change: as major shareholders in  companies, pension funds have enormous power to improve corporate behaviour on the environment and human rights. FairPensions campaigns to ensure that this investor power is harnessed.

Current Campaigns


Your Say on Pay: Tackling Excessive Executive Remuneration

In May 2012 FairPensions launched the ‘Your Say on Pay’ campaign to tackle spiralling boardroom rewards. The campaign gives savers a chance to email their pensions funds and stocks & shares ISAs urging them to vote against excessive remuneration proposals at company AGMs. 

If you’d like to see an end to the culture of rewards for failure you can take action today. 

Have your say on pay


JustPay! The campaign for a Living Wage

FairPensions’ JustPay! Campaign aims to permanently embed Living Wage standards in the UK’s private sector, beginning with the biggest companies on the London Stock Exchange, namely the FTSE 100.

Take action today and ask your bank, insurer and other financial service providers to pay their workers Living Wages.

Activate your money


A Legacy of Liability: Shell and the Niger Delta

FairPensions is highlighting to investors the risks facing the Shell group and shareholders as a result of their operations in the Niger Delta. 

Check out of work on Shell in the Niger Delta


Taxing Questions

Tax is joining high pay as an issue at FTSE100 companies’ AGMs, with boards facing tough questions about their use of tax havens, financial secrecy and whether – with complex chains of subsidiaries stretching across the globe – they know what is really going on. 

Take a look at our work with Christian Aid on tax


Out in the Cold: Shell and Arctic Drilling

FairPensions, Greenpeace and Platform published a report looking at Shell’s plans to drill for oil in The Arctic. The report warns that Shelll’s plans for Arctic exploration expose investors to a ‘spectrum of risks’, 

The report, available here, highlights Shell’s failure to address key concerns for investors and environmentalists.

Check out the work we’re doing on Shell in the Arctic


Stay Connected: Telecoms and Human Rights

In July 2011 FairPensions teamed up with our new member organisation, New York based digital rights campaigners Access, to mobilise shareholders over the issue of telecommunication companies (“telecoms”) and human rights abuses. Recent events in the Middle East have shone a spotlight on the role that telecoms have played in the suppression of pro-democracy movements.

Find out more about Stay Connected





Influencing the Investment Industry

An important part of FairPensions’ campaigning is direct engagement with pension funds and fund managers. Through investor engagement, regular briefings and publications and attending AGMs, we aim to show investors how Responsible Investment will complement and support their long-term financial best interests, as well as improving corporate impacts of human rights and the environment.

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Past Campaigns

FairPensions has a history of highly effective campaigning for Responsible Investment. Working with leading international charities Oxfam and CAFOD, we’ve successfully campaigned to secure the availability of affordable generic medicines in developing countries, and mobilised hundreds of pension-holders to call for action on destructive mining practices.

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