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Policy & Public Affairs

FairPensions is keen to remove any unnecessary regulatory barriers to the encouragement of responsible investor behaviour. We therefore engage with government and other policymakers to promote Responsible Investment and find ways to encourage it, including actively submitting proposals on the issue.

Parliamentary Briefings | Consultation Submissions

Parliamentary Briefings


Logo   Lessons from LIBOR: Wider implications of the rate-fixing scandal (July 2012)
Logo   Financial Services Bill: Briefing for peers on Lords Amendment 107 (June 2012)
Logo   Executive Pay: Analysis of the government’s reforms (June 2012)
Logo   ‘Your Say on Pay’ Campaign (May 2012)
Logo   Queen’s Speech Briefing (May 2012)
Logo   The Enlightened Shareholder: Clarifying investors’ fiduciary duties (March 2012)
Logo   Financial Services Bill: Second Reading Briefing (February 2012)
Logo   Securing Jobs and Growth: Can pension savings aid the economic recovery? (January 2012)
Logo   Big Society Capital: Unlocking mainstream finance for social impact investment (October 2011)
Logo   The Governance Gap: Ensuring a level playing field for pension savers (Sept 2011)
Logo   Protecting our Best Interests: Rediscovering Fiduciary Obligation (May 2011)
Logo   JustPay! Living Wage Campaign (May 2011)
Logo   The 2011 Budget and Plan for Growth (March 2011)
Logo   Mandatory carbon reporting: A litmus test for the ‘greenest government ever’ (November 2010)

Investor Stewardship (September 2010)


The Operating and Financial Review: Improving company reporting on environmental & social risk (September 2010)


Managing Environmental Risk: the Deepwater oil spill & its impact on UK pensions (June 2010)


Coalition Programme for Government (May 2010)


Building a sustainable financial system: institutional investors and climate change (May 2010)


The FRC Stewardship Code (May 2010)

Logo   Responsible Investment: an Introduction (2010)

Consultation Submissions

Consultation Submissions

Logo   Review of the UK Stewardship Code: Submission and Suggested Revisions (July 2012)
Logo   Submission: Red Tape Challenge – Social Investment (June 2012)
Logo   Submission: HM Treasury’s inquiry into corporate governance and remuneration (May 2012)
Logo   Submission: BIS Consultation ‘Executive Pay: Enhanced Shareholder Voting Rights’ (April 2012)
Logo   Written Evidence: Kay Review of UK Equity Markets and Long-termism (April 2012)
Logo   Written Evidence: DWP Select Committee’s inquiry into governance and best practice in workplace pensions (April 2012)
Logo   Submission: DWP Consultation, ‘Improving transfers and dealing with small pension pots’ (March 2012)
Logo   Submission: HM Treasury Consultation, ‘Bank Executive Remuneration Disclosure’ (February 2012)
Logo   Submission: BIS/FRC Consultation, ‘Proposals to reform the Financial Reporting Council’ (January 2012)
Logo   Submission: EIOPA Consultation on the IORP Directive (December 2011)
Logo   Submission: BIS Discussion Paper on Executive Remuneration (November 2011)
Logo   Submission: BIS Consultation, ‘The future of narrative reporting: consulting on a new reporting framework’ (November 2011)
Logo   Submission: Kay Review of UK equity markets, ‘Call for Evidence’ (November 2011)

Submission: HM Treasury’s Consultation, ‘A new approach to financial regulation: the blueprint for reform’ (September 2011)

Logo   Submission: DWP Select Committee’s inquiry on auto-enrolment (August 2011)
Logo   Submission: Financial Reporting Council’s Consultation, ‘Gender Diversity on Boards’ (July 2011)
Logo   Submission: European Commission Green Paper, ‘The EU Corporate Governance Framework’ (July 2011)
Logo   Submission: Dept for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, ‘Corporate reporting of greenhouse gas emissions’ (June 2011)
Logo   Submission: Dept for Work and Pensions’ Consultation, ‘Regulatory differences between occupational and workplace personal pensions’ (April 2011)
Logo   Submission: The Pensions Regulator’s Consultation, ‘Enabling good member outcomes in work-based pension provision’ (April 2011)
Logo   Submission: HM Treasury’s Consultation, ‘Reforming Financial Regulation: Building a Stronger System’ (April 2011)
Logo   Submission: Financial Reporting Council’s Consultation, ‘Effective Company Stewardship’ (Joint Submission with Client Earth) (March 2011)

Submission: Charity Commission Consultation, ‘Charities and Investment Matters’ (February 2011)

Logo   Submission: BIS Consultation, ‘A Long-term Focus for Corporate Britain’ (January 2011)
Logo   Submission: Scottish Executive Consultation, ‘Public Bodies Climate Change Duties: Putting them Into Practice’ (November 2010)
Logo   Submission: Ministry of Justice Consultation, ‘Guidance about commercial organisations preventing bribery’ (November 2010)
Logo   Submission: HM Treasury Consultation, ‘A new approach to financial regulation: Judgement, focus, stability’ (October 2010)
Logo   Submission: BIS Consultation, ‘The future of narrative reporting’ (October 2010)
Logo   Submission: Financial Services Authority’s Quarterly Consultation (proposals relating to Stewardship Code) (August 2010)

Submission: European Commission Green Paper, ‘Corporate Governance in Financial Institutions and Remuneration Policies’ (August 2010)

Logo   Submission: IGG’s consultation paper, ‘Investment governance of defined contribution (DC) pension schemes’ (May 2010)
Logo   Submission: Financial Reporting Council’s Stewardship Code Consultation (April 2010)
 Logo   Submission: Financial Services Authority’s Consultation on Effective Corporate Governance (April 2010)
 Logo   Submission: Environmental Audit Select Committee call for evidence on UKFI (Joint Submission with Oxfam) (March 2010)
 Logo   Submission: DEFRA Reporting Guidelines for Greenhouse Gas Emissions (Joint Submission with Christian Aid and Oxfam) (2009)
 Logo   Submission: The Walker Review of Corporate Governance in UK Banks and Other Financial Industry Entities (September 2009)
 Logo   Submission: The Pensions Regulator – Ideas & Evidence on Responsible Ownership (July 2009)
 Logo   Submission: Personal Accounts Delivery Authority Investment Consultation (May 2009)
 Logo   Submission: Financial Reporting Council’s Review of the Effectiveness of the Combined Code (May 2009)
 Logo   Submission: DWP Consultation on Pension Scheme Disclosure (May 2009)
 Logo   Submission: Pensions Regulator Consultation on Refreshed TKU Code of Practice and Scope Guidance (December 2008)
 Logo   Submission: Draft OECD Guidelines for Pension Fund Governanc (September 2008)