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Recent Press Releases

Recent Press Releases

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MPs call for investors to crack down on high pay (10.07.2012)

Will Diamond receive severance pay? (03.07.12)

FairPensions comments on the implementation of the Bly Report (30.06.12)

Traditional thinking on tobacco investing goes up in smoke (29.06.12)

FairPensions responds to Vince Cable’s proposals on executive pay (20.06.12)

FairPensions responds to WPP pay vote (14.06.12)

Shell’s Arctic plans expose investors (01.06.12)

FTSE Giants face Tough Questions on Tax And Financial Secrecy at AGMs this Year (21.05.2012)

FairPensions shortlisted for The Charity Awards (14.05.12)

Elgin gas leak (12.05.12)

Queens Speech 2012 (10.05.2012)

FairPensions responds to shareholder rebellion at Aviva (03.05.2012)

FairPensions launch ‘Your say on Pay’ Campaign (30.04.2012)

High pay campaign launches on Monday (26.04.12)

FairPensions responds to Professor Kay’s findings (23.04.12)

High pay guide for trustees (15.04.12)

James Murdoch quits (03.04.12)

The Enlightened Shareholder  (14.03.2012)

Enlightened shareholder value needs enlightened shareholders (13.03.12)

FairPensions named as one of Britain’s ’50 New Radicals’ (21.02.12)

Shareholder army mobilises for the AGM season (11.02.2012)

Traditional thinking on tobacco investing goes up in smoke (24.01.2012)

Government plans to tackle high pay won’t work without responsible shareholders (23.01.2012)

Pensions Minister gives nod of approval to FairPensions’ work (20.01.2012)

Responsible capitalism needs responsible shareholders, says Jon Cruddas MP (20.01.2012)

Investors should persuade supermarkets to pay Living Wages (19.01.2012)

Give people power over their capital- A response to Nick Clegg’s speech (16.01.2012)

Investors must be bold and stand up to excessive executive pay (06.01.2012)

FairPensions call for action on high pay (25.11.2011)

FairPensions Guest Lecture 2011 (16.11.2011)

New figures on executive pay raise awkward questions for shareholders (28.10.2011)

FairPensions comment on BP facing charges in the US over Deepwater (13.10.2011)

A binding vote on pay would represent a challenge to the investment community (19.09.2011)

Poverty Pay and Childcare (07.09.2011)

Pension funds are not duty bound to invest in tobacco (23.08.2011)

Investors should be concerned by Shell’s slow response (16.08.2011)

Challenging Vodafone Over Phone Blocking (25.07.2011)

Investors must wake up to hacking scandal (08.07.2011)

FairPensions welcomes independent review of investors’ legal duties (22.06.2011)

Government Ministers confirm review of fiduciary duty is on the agenda (19.05.2011)

FairPensions challenges UK investors on declaring their voting intentions (12.04.2011)

FairPensions’ Reaction to Government’s ‘Red Tape Challenge‘ (08.04.2011)

FairPensions call for Mandatory Carbon Reporting (04.04.2011)

FairPensions Welcome Government Support for Report (31.03.2011)

Short term profiteering makes City middlemen rich and puts our pensions at risk (30.03.2011)

FairPensions Launch Groundbreaking Report on Fiduciary Obligation (30.03.2011)

FairPensions responds to The Budget 2011 (23.03.2011)

Government Minister Highlights the Importance of Transparency (17.03.2011)

Army of Shareholders train up for AGM Season (16.03.2011)

Parliamentary Push for Greater Transparency From Pension Funds (02.03.2011)

Stewardship in the spotlight: New research reveals gulf in disclosure performance of UK’s largest asset managers (13.12.2010)

After the BP disaster, evidence that oil companies and their investors are unprepared for further catastrophic risks, as campaign urges action (13.09.2010)

UK pension funds hit by BP dividend cancellation face calls to improve approach to companies’ environmental risks (17.06.2010)

BP Gulf spill financial fallout: government urged to review pensions regulations (10.06.2010)

BP crisis and UK pension fund values: further concerns (02.06.2010)

11% of Shell shareholders rebel or abstain on tar sands despite investor relations offensive (18.05.2010)

Significant numbers of investors support or abstain on tar sands resolution (15.04.2010)

Tar sands controversy set to dominate BP AGM (14.04.2010)

Global investors support BP oil sands resolution (08.04.2010)

Churches and campaigners call on NPRF to invest responsibly (25.03.2010)

MPs call for Parliamentary pension fund to take stand on tar sands (11.03.2010)

BP faces new questions & growing public and investor mobilisation as it releases annual report (05.03.2010)

In UK first, pension scheme mass mobilised over oil sands resolutions (22.02.2010)

BP latest to face shareholder mobilisation on oil sands (08.02.2010)

UK’s largest mobilisation of shareholders asks Shell to prove controversial oil sands are